The duo then stole the Raw Women's Championship. Orton took out Edge, he took out Christian, and he’s the most dangerous man right now in the WWE. Andrade and Garza have those intangibles. Pour les gens qui s'en plaignent, il faut avouer qu'on a tous préféré que le Big Show soit le partenaire mystère que Alexander ou Ricochet ou quelqu'un d'autre. Big Show later became involved in The Authority's feud with Sting. I thought it was great, and one of my favorite segments in a long time. My first road trip in WCW, I think we were at baggage claim in Dayton, Ohio, and Ric walked straight up to me and asked what kind of car I was driving. L'année 2019 fut marquée par une absence complète du Big Show sur nos écrans. Voilà que pour l'année 2020, il a déjà réglé cette erreur alors que le Big Show a fait son retour à RAW lors du show du 6 janvier. As a kid, he’d sit at the dinner table and listen to his dad, ‘Cowboy’ Bob, and Randy didn’t even realize the knowledge he was absorbing. I watched Becky Lynch put in years that no one else on the roster had. Last week with Ric, that’s actually one of my favorite promos I’ve done in a long, long time. McMahon decided that a championship match between Asuka and Banks will take place on Raw next week. Chelsea Green toujours en attente dans le roster principal ? I like to tease ’Taker when he’s around that it’s great he’s back, because that means I’m the young guy again. Drew McIntyre vs. Big Show – WWE Championship Match: Raw, April 6, 2020 Drew McIntyre soaks in first moments with WWE Title: Exclusive, April 5, 2020 Asuka def. Big Show was in control of the bout until he tried to put Orton through a table by delivering a Splash from the turnbuckle. Orton then started punishing Big Show by repeatedly hitting him with a steel chair. It wasn’t your typical backstage wrestling promo. McMahon also said that the title will change hands if anyone interferes or gets disqualified. I also thought it was a really ballsy concept. Content qu'il soit de retour, je pensais que c'était juste un retour d'un soir comme Kane mais ça à pas l'air. As wonderful and easy that Randy made everything look, it’s now that he is firing on all cylinders. It can be a challenge to be a babyface champion, especially with Drew’s size, which instantly makes him the favorite instead of the underdog. The greatest matches usually have thousands of people in the crowd that are also invested. WWE superstar Randy Orton threw an open challenge towards The Big Show to an "Unsanctioned Match" during the Monday-night RAW. PW: I always feel so honored to work with Ric. Vince McMahon made a bold move in selling the bout as “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever,” but that tagline ended up driving the pay per view and brought the match to the main event. D'ailleurs ce show est déjà quasi complet alors qu'il est aussi annoncé que : Un autre show de RAW qui sera bien complet ! Follow him on Twitter @JustinBarrasso. McIntyre, after agreeing, said that he will wait until the bell rings to announce the stipulation. So that’s the biggest difference I’ve seen. Ziggler pleaded to have another match and even stated that McIntyre could choose the stipulation this time. There’s been a lot of great matches, so you better deliver. We were both very sincere and very honest about what we were talking about. Andrade and Angel Garza, there is so much potential there. I hope Drew gets to have this run with a crowd and full arenas. 2019 fut marquée par une absence complète du Big Show, Tous les détails sur le catcheur mystère de WWE NXT, AEW Dynamite : Cody Rhodes fait son retour, WWE NXT : Finn Balor découvre son nouvel aspirant, Résultats de AEW Dynamite du 23 septembre 2020, Résultats de WWE NXT du 23 septembre 2020.