Upon entering the ring, Gangrel would drink from his cup and spray the red liquid into the air. Iaukea is also remembered for being “The Master” of The Dungeon of Doom in WCW. From the part of the world known as Samoa have come a great number of tough individuals who have dominated the squared circle through the years. So when the mysterious Great Kabuki descended on Dallas from the island nation in the late 1970s, crowds reacted like they were seeing an alien. In 2000, he formed an alliance with Sting that seemed to put the face-painted grapplers in a student/teacher role. The legendary Blue Blazer took the mask since the beginning of his career. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Perkins' name change shows that WWE has huge plans for him in the coming months, so it seems that taking off his mask was perhaps one of the best decisions that TJ ever made. The cool thing about the Suicide character is that he was played by more Sometimes masks add character and sometimes they allow a character to grow while being underneath them. The Phenom known as The Undertaker has become quite well-known as The Deadman over the past few decades, but as well as once having an American Badass gimmick, Undertaker once wrestled in a mask. The first WWE Hall of Famer, Andre the Giant is regarded as one of the most beloved Superstars of all time. Huge Seth Rollins fan. But these friendships were simply just a piece in Sid’s larger plan as he manipulated his allies and ultimately betrayed them. That’s probably why you’ve never seen him dressed like that! When the uncontrollable caveman became too hard to handle for Heenan, “The Brain” dealt him and Adrian Adonis to Jimmy Hart, in exchange for King Kong Bundy. The nocturnal couple could have sunk their teeth into a vampire revolution in WWE had they not disappeared in 2007. This mask is really bizarre and it gave nightmares to everyone. Still, the role that truly defined Baker’s legacy as a ring monster was his turn as a post-apocalyptic warrior in John Carpenter’s 1981 sci-fi classic “Escape from New York.” Ox may have been playing the baddest dude in a dystopian prison colony, but the director didn't even have to alter the madman's vicious look. During the mid-1990s while Undertaker was still The Deadman and in a feud with King Mabel, when Mable "kayfabe" smashed his face in with a few leg drops, Undertaker had actually fractured his orbital bone, and this allowed him to wear a mask to help with its recovery and the mask was even made to look like a skull. Ultimo Dragon finally showed his real face years later. This boggled It is an oval shaped yellow hockey goalie horror mask for both teens and adults. No harm to your health. This mystique created inherent fear, and although his wrestling gear has morphed several times over the years, he is still just as scary as ever. At The Great American Bash 1990, the 400-plus pound Vader made his WCW debut clad in a horned helmet that looked like something straight out of a science fiction film. The mask has black elastic straps for easy adjustment and is one size fits most.