Tuning pins are found to be clean, free of corrosion, and of uniform size. How do you ship a piano to me? How can I be sure of the condition of one of your pianos? We're here to help! Each Four Star Reconditioned Piano undergoes an extensive inspection and certification process to ensure optimal playability at an amazing price. Enter our ZIP code 06320 for a list of qualified technicians close to us. Buyers shopping from outside of the Northeast US can often hire an independent technician to inspect a piano on their behalf prior to purchasing. Yamaha U1A Upright Piano. b Series - Specs - Upright Pianos - Pianos - Musical Instruments - Products - Yamaha - Canada - English Yamaha B2 With its larger dimensions and heavier construction, the new B2 delivers a superior sound through added depth and volume. Experienced pianists are available to answer any specific questions you may have about the playing experience of any piano in our inventory. This piano model is an official Yamaha U1, not a revision as such. Exemplifying Yamaha’s well-established design principles and109cm high, the b1 redefines the word value. Add Player Piano Technology. Damper felt is inspected for proper hardness. All prices are in local currency (Singapore Dollars) with GST, exclude delivery and handling charges. Yamaha U3 An expansive soundboard and acoustic chamber give the 131 cm U3 extended power and projection, with the peerless tonal and expressive control of the legendary Yamaha action. Yamaha P116 The medium-sized piano with the grown-up sound Although it is "just" 116cm tall, the P116 has an astonishing sound potential, which will be hard to be matched by another piano in this class. Warn or degraded hammer return spring cords are replaced on Yamaha upright pianos to ensure proper note repetition and dexterity of the action. Many available, all reconditioned to like-new condition. Cabinet buffed and polished to original luster. This estimate is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer of credit. Yamaha U1 Piano dimensions. Keytops and keyfronts are cleaned or replaced as necessary to ensure uniform bright-white appearance. U Series. Founded in 1887 in Hamamatsu, Japan, Yamaha has established a strong reputation as the world's preeminent maker of production pianos, known for their consistency, longevity, and durability. Bridge pins are inspected for proper side-bearing. Height is the only dimension that varies dramatically from one upright piano to the next. Additional charges (such as sales tax and/or local delivery, where applicable) in excess of the listed price may apply; if desired, these charges may be added to the financed amount, resulting in a higher down payment and monthly payment. Operation of the flanges, center pins, and bushings are tested to ensure efficient and fluid motion of the hammer. JU/JX series. Let us pick out the perfect Yamaha upright piano for you from our very large selection. How can I get to know a piano if I don't see it in person? Privacy policy | Return Policy | Terms of use A division of Caruso Music, Inc. Do not close this window. Player piano technology package sold separately. Brass hinges, pedals, and lock assembly cleaned and polished. It's quick and easy, and it won't impact your credit. An excellent inventory of Yamaha U1 upright pianos in stock, all reconditioned to excellent condition. If you want to know if a Yamaha U1 will fit into your house/flat then please make a cardboard cutout using the below diagram. The touchweight of each piano is adjusted to retain the lightness and agility that are the hallmarks of Yamaha and Kawai pianos while still allowing for a satisfying dynamic and expressive range. To ensure tuning stability, the structural integrity of the pinblock is assured by testing the upward and downward torque of the tuning pins. The YUS Series takes upright piano quality and performance to a new level. Yamaha SE 122 In a unique collaboration between East and West, SE Series combines the meticulous precision for which Yamaha is renowned with the inspiration and warmth of Europe’s rich musical heritage.