He came up from the Disney scene and now he is starring in roles in movies like Neighbors and The Lucky One. On a steep grade: Sprint (30 sec) then Jog (30 sec) / Repeat for 10 mins total, 8. The Cardio I or II just denotes that what comes next is cardio. He learned this from ex-Navy Seals Ramona Braganza and Logan Hood who trained him with the 3-2-1 workout for portraying a US marine in The Lucky One. Once you get to the point, where you can’t finish the entire set, you’ve found the right weight. For gaining thanks. This led to him working out with a Navy Seal. Push-Up (sets: 3, reps: 8-12, rest: 60 sec), 3A. Yes, the idea is to do all 3 parts in succession. Thanks for the help Chris, This is really helpful! Zac Efron is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood nowadays starring in successful hit movies like Baywatch, The Greatest Showman, Neighbors, Dirty Grandpa, The Lucky One, and High School Musical. Try some quinoa recipes. Hey Chris, I am 5"11 and weigh 132 pounds, I am trying to gain weight and muscles which workout would best work for me should I go with the navy seal one or the 3-2-1 workout. The most popular are the Hugh Jackman Workout and the Joe Manganiello Workout. Rest 1-2 mins if you need. also what diet would company the first routine ? If you find that easy, then by all means, do 3 sets just like the strength training. Mountain Climber on Sliders (sets: 3, reps: 20, rest: 60 sec), 4A. When you say that Zac Efron would completely stop working out with this when he wasn’t shooting movies, did you mean he switched to a new workout? Zac stays on a rigorous diet containing foods that contain high protein, low carbs, lean protein meat, organic foods, whole-grain food mostly, and he also drinks gallons of water throughout the day. Getting ripped usually means losing body fat to show off your muscles. Stick to the routines, eat a clean diet, and let me know how it goes! For a fat-burning workout, do the Channing Tatum workout first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. In circuit training you want to do 1 set of everything. Zac mostly does a lot of supersets training, where he will combine two exercises in one singular set without taking any break; that way, he can feel a lot of burn through his body. Do you have any recommendations for protein supplements? The idea of taking the weekends off, is so that you enjoy yourself during the week. I went to the get a fitness test from my gym and it shows I have about 21% body fat. What do you recommend? Yes, it’s a great way to get started. For sure, commit to the Zac Efron for a few months and you’ll see some results. The Elliptical is a fine choice. I’ve been working out for a year and a half or so (heavy lifting) ,I’m 5’10” — I was 163 lbs, now I’m at 186…I changed my diet to eat healthy, but a lot more intake, and I feel like I’m just getting a high body fat % now… I want to cut down and just be ripped instead of bulk, because I really can’t see muscle definition all that much, you can just tell I’ve gotten “swole”.