Actual range will vary based upon actual riding conditions and habits. Zero-S power is limited by the controller, not the motor or pack. Thoroughly research this before attempting it. The smaller packs are lighter and easier to swap-out. If you like this sort of thing, stop by again once in a while, and I will try to write some more…, Sketch Coleman’s 50-kw Supermoto E-conversion, Four Year Old Gets An Electric Motorcycle. Peak power the motor can produce for a finite period of time. An ex-NASA engineer named Neal Saiki started a company in 2006 called Electricross, and his first product was an electric dirt bike, which I think was a great decision. I am 6-foot tall, and about 200-lbs, and I am including that info so you can compare the proportions in these pics. Starting with 25, then 27, and today finally achieving 29-Ah’s each. The brushed controller for the 2009-2011 Zeros is the Alltrax AXE4855, and the name indicates that this model has a nominal rating of 48V (it will accept voltages up to 60V), and can provide temporary peaks of up to 500 amps. Motocross Action Magazine wrote about the “Electricross Drift” in September of 2006, and the first prototype used four lead-acid batteries in series for a nominal 48V. Typical cost to recharge = (Average consumer cost per KWh) X (Power Pack nominal capacity) / (charging efficiency). It’d hard to find pics of these motors while apart, since all motors that are similar to this are so simple and reliable that they rarely need to be torn down. The ZF75-10 motor delivers 140 ft-lb of torque and 110 hp, effortlessly propelling the SR/S to a top speed of 124 mph. The Zero battery pack design team was headed-up by CTO Keith Kepler. It precisely "meters" the flow of electricity from the battery to the motor according to the action of the rider's throttle and surrounding conditions, via a sophisticated map algorithm. The Formula: The potting also provides extreme vibration and shock resistance, plus a level of waterproofing that is exceptional. The Motenergy has a single central magnetic-rotor, and two stators, with one on each side. In this pic, one of the magnetic side-plates is on the bottom, and the piece above it is the central spinning armature. The Zero S comes with the ZF7.2 battery. Find a. I’m only posting these examples to explain that the Motenergy stator has three layers of distributed windings with a 66% overlap between each layer. Electric vehicle fuel economy is measured in Miles Per Gallon equivalent (MPGe) which indicates, via an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) prescribed formula, how far an electric vehicle can go using the same amount of energy as is contained in one gallon of gasoline. Sooner or later, all EVs (like the Nissan Leaf) will have a few examples become involved in a wreck. From the beginning up until the major changes in the 2013 model year, Zero used axial-flux motors. Range On Fahren Sie auf der Zero … The 2009 battery was made from cylindrical cells from Emoli / Molicell in the 26700 format (26mm in diameter, 70mm in length), and the pack had twelve cells in series (12S).