Following near-extinction of human life on Earth due to resource shortages, ships dubbed "Planetcrackers" are being used to harvest resources from barren planets. Nachdem das „Hauptspiel“ veröffentlicht wurde, gewannen 19 Spieler den dritten Preis: eine Kopie des Spiels auf einer Plattform ihrer Wahl. Ziel war es, ein Videospiel zu entwickeln, das sich durch seine detaillierte Grafik und die futuristische Umgebung abheben sollte. As some of you know, I’ve been working on a big videogame for almost 2 years now. Der vom Spieler gespielte Ingenieur Isaac Clarke ist mit dem Reparaturraumschiff USG Kellion auf dem Weg zum Bergbau-Raumschiff USG Ishimura, um deren Kommunikationsanlagen zu reparieren, nachdem der Kontakt zur Ishimura abgebrochen ist. Die Seite ist weniger wie ein typisches Echtzeitspiel, sondern mehr wie ein Abenteuerspiel für den PC aufgebaut. "Dead Space – Reliving Isaac Clarke's Horrifying Inaugural Journey 10 years Later", "Staring Into The Void: The Lore of Dead Space", "Dead Space 3 - Must-know facts about the Dead Space universe", "Interview: Sledgehammer's Michael Condrey on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare", "Interview: Glen Schofield talks Striking Distance, new PUBG game, and more", "How Resident Evil 4 turned System Shock 3 into Dead Space", "Inside Bulletstorm Writer Rick Remender's Head", "Video: Dead Space's scariest moment almost dragged down the entire project", "Warren Ellis Gives "Dead Space" Its Creepy Narrative", "Andrew Lackey Special: Dead Space [Exclusive Interview]", "Dead Space Sound Design: In Space No One Can Hear Interns Scream. Die Ereignisse begannen, nachdem in der Bergbaukolonie auf Aegis VII der sogenannte Rote Marker gefunden wurde. Each member's work often overlapped with others. While technically easy to achieve by switching off gravity values in Havok, reprogramming sections to be convincing and fun to play presented different challenges. [24] The team reused the game engine they had designed for The Godfather, which was chosen because it had been tailored to their development style, supported the necessary environmental effects, and implemented the Havok physics engine. He had a background in classical music and composition for film and television before debuting in video games through his work on King Arthur. From the sound of it, Wanat and his team knew how they intended to right the ship. The initial weapon is picked up during the first level, while others can be crafted using blueprints discovered in different levels. Zuerst glaubten alle Minenarbeiter an ein außerirdisches Artefakt. A combination of the Marker's influence, factional fighting and the emerging Necromorph invasion resulted in the deaths of nearly everyone aboard.